Filopur, Equator Shower Filter

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The Filopur Shower Filter "Equator" with KDF Process Media and bio-physical refinement is the latest premium product in human healthcare. Our skin is the largest human organ and has many vital functions including metabolism. Chlorine which is added to the water as a disinfectant, has a negative effect on the skin. Heavy metals and other contaminants also take their toll.Daily skincare is a must and begins with the "EQUATOR" Shower Filter. 
The patented KDF 55 Process Media is made of a high-purity copper-zinc alloy. It demonstrably reduces Bacteria, Chlorine and Heavy metals (copper, lead, mercury etc.
Do you also experience dry skin, itching or dull hair? 
  • Taking a shower has never been better for your skin, hair and respiratory tract. Chlorine, heavy metals and bacterial contaminants are eliminated.
  • The bio-physical refinement process ensures the water has the purity, structure, and action of spring water.
  • The elegant design fits every bathroom
  • The connection and filter exchange are easy to install and do not require a handyman or tools 
Do you also experience dry skin, itching or dull hair? 
  • One of the following could be the reason for it: Chloride in the water may dry out your skin and hair. Additionally, harmful trihalomethan (THM) is built and might inhaled. 
  • Heavy metals in the water are absorbed through the skin and are being embedded in the body. Heavy metals are the cause of many chronic diseases. 
  • Hard water stresses your skin and hair in particular and may lead to a higher usage of shampoos and shower gels.
Makes the water soft? 
  • The Filopur Shower Filter is an ideal solution for sensitive, dried out skin and dull hair. The shower filter changes the lime into a more soluble type of scale.
  • The Filopur shower filter changes the lime into a more water soluble type called “Aragonite” and makes the water noticeably softer. The filtered water feels softer on hair and skin and the causes for itching are reduced. Besides this, chlorine and heavy metals are removed from the water and your family enjoys showering in pure and pollution-free water. The Filopur shower filter is an elegant and easy to install solution to change your daily shower into a feel good sensation. 

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