Vitamix, Dry Container (0.9 Liter)

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Specially designed blades grind whole grains into fresh flours, mix batter, and simulate the kneading process to easily prepare dough for baking.


The blades in our Dry Grains Container are specifically designed to create a reverse vortex, pushing dry ingredients away from the blades to prevent packing.

  • Measurements on Container + Lid

Every Vitamix container is clearly marked with ounce and cup measurements. Even the lid plug has a 2-ounce measurement line.

  • Spill-Proof Spout

The angle of our spill-proof container spout lets you serve blends with a mess-free pour.

  • Easy Cleaning

With a drop of dish soap and warm water, your Vitamix machine can clean itself in 30 to 60 seconds.

Wet Vitamix Containers make the machine work as a:

– Food Processor (dry-chop and wet-chop)
– Mixer (cake batter, pancake batter, brownie mix, quick bread batters, etc.)
– Blender
– Juicer
– Ice Cream Maker
– Heater (for things like Soup, Gravy, Queso Dip, Hot Fruit Syrups, Hot Chocolate, Fondue, etc.)
– Nut Butter Maker
With a Dry Container the Vitamix can:
– Grind Coffee Beans
– Mill Grains, Seeds, and Nuts into Flours
– Knead Bread Dough
– Dry Chop Veggies (can also be done in wet, but not as well)
– Crumble Chocolate and Dry Cheeses (can also be done in wet, but not as well)
– Rough Chop Grains, Seeds, and Nuts

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